Just did Sarah Entrup’s Free the She 7 Chakra Sweep Challenge, Day 1.

What a nice way to start the day.

If there is a calling in, an impending converging of women, I guess I am somehow being called in. And calling in.

I am moving in the direction of nourishing mutual support relationships/community, exiting my solo bubble. Out of this, the next thing will come.

I’ve also

  • signed up for Feather: Hook Up with Your Guides with Heather Bleasdell, and brought along a friend.
  • just attended, on the Full Moon, my first meeting with a newly forming Women’s Group.
  • just participated, last night, in a second “listening partnerships” call with a dear friend.
  • made plans, for next week, to meet with a sound healing & drummer friend to connect, and explore getting in a blank room together to see what might happen in collaboration.
  • started walking every Sat. that works for us, with another friend.
  • reached out, this week, to an Authentic Movement mentor, regarding connecting

Two new parenting books came into my awareness, Duct Tape Parenting and The Straight Talk on Parenting by Vicki Hoefle (the Universe is seriously contriving to meet me with support lately) and I have felt the shift in the past week in my relationship with Anja. With the long view in mind, I am more patient, I am focused on what will matter in the long haul, our relationship; I am focused on supporting and encouraging her growing independence, offering training I had not been offering. I am seeing her wellness; she has been puttering; she hugged me last night with tears in her eyes at hanging out with me, laughing with me, enjoying each other without ‘shouting’. Her heart so desires that. Focusing on relationship. All ‘education’ and everything else is best rooted in a healthy relationship. I sit with her in her passion – Minecraft, or whatever – and she shares her passion, and in that trust, other things will be simple. Willing, self-motivated participation in a family unit, or community, arises, in ease, from feeling seen, heard, loved. Then, it is natural to want to be a part of all that is needed to keep things running. This is true for children or adults.

If childhood has chapters, Anja, at 8, is clearly in that transition, or perhaps past it, into middle childhood.




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