i have been stressed; we have been full up with selling a house, buying a house. so much paperwork. so many things to do. anja was clearly not tanked up with connection ‘cuz, as usual, when i/we are undernourished, it shows up in her. she was getting so upset and sensitive about little things. we had started doing touch-typing lessons, and some kahnacademy math while she was sick and getting bored in the 1 bedroom. yesterday and today that all fell to sh*t as she rebelled in every cell of her being to finishing 2nd grade kahn math. “you’re ruining my life! you’re ruining my life!”

the thought that crossed my mind is: “connection parenting” is what is needed now. we dropped kahn. i dropped my agenda. we explored musician/artist vitas’ 2012 album. she lit up, invited me to dance. she pulled out mad libs. we laughed hilariously as we did 2 of them. was that learning? yes. more important than knowing she is done with what kahn calls 2nd grade at 2nd grade age, is facilitating a well and vibrant child.

SO. perhaps b/c of what we’ve done so far, our personalities, anja’s personality, things really seem to work better, more easily, more effectively, more richly, when i don’t impose upon or fight her, but flow with her and support what is arising in her.

i acknowledge and appreciate: the years of authentic movement and personal growth work help me hold space for the ferocity of her strong expressions, that i know when they are there, that i know i can be with her through them and they will pass and clear skies will come again.



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