IMG_4154OMG, it took 3 hours today, from 2:30-5:30pm, for Anja to finish 1000mg Tinidazole in a bit of yogurt and honey. painfully. half a spoonful + gag-reflex at a time. how i wish we coulda syringed it down her throat past her tummy, or taught her how to swallow the pills. but once they were crushed and in the yogurt, the full dose had to be finished.

we watched magic and cute puppy videos in btw. half-spoonfuls, and there was lots of wailing, being “terrified”, & crying. but she/we did it.

love is


receiving crankiness

holding her nose for her walking down the stinky hallway to/from the apt.

wiping her butt

fetching everything for her

being told i’m doing everything wrong

sitting alongside and encouraging her for the 3 hours it took to down the single dose antibiotic.

you can bet i am GRATEFUL we researched and requested this instead of the 3x/day, 10 day course of the antibiotic she was originally prescribed. that was supposed  to taste awful too, and would have been hellish to try to pull off.


we hope to see the return of the energetic, vivacious, happy, healthy Anja soon.




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