origami heart made from 1 of 60 pages of a ‘horrendous’ lease i just signed for the short-term 1 bedroom we are about to move into.

there is a part of me that recoils from, is afraid of, strongly dislikes legalese like this. for hubby, it’s “just business” and i get that the legalese is, in a way, straightforward communication to facilitate relations in the transactional world.

there is this (little girl?) side of me, though, that wonders – can’t we just all be kind to each other, and simple, and relational? i ‘hate’ ‘having no choice’ but to do what feels like ‘signing away’ everything to live in a place, even if some of the things stated are to make things good for all residents.

reminder to self: ‘despite’ the legalese, the property manager is just another human. i/we can still do ‘just kindness’ with each other – be relational not just transactional. happy valentine’s ~




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