i’d been wanting to use FB for creative prompts for a long while. the other day, i posted a 1st one “something ordinary from a new angle”:img_1540

people responded, including H, who wrote: “I love this! Let’s do it every single day!!!”  i messaged her that i too would love to do this every day. our creative prompts FB page very quickly and naturally evolved out of this and we’re having fun! (honestly, doing it daily right now feels crucial to keeping a flow going; not getting stopped up.)

“textural variety in a small frame”:



today, H posted the most awesome image with “think again”:think-again-image

which catalyzed this:

“Today, I drove south on the 101 with this image in mind, teary at ‘trash’, frozen in time, made precious. The image came of our unmade beds, me in frame, maybe crucified w/arms on a broom. Got home and had just a few minutes while our kid was in the bath to do this. Was eating kettle corn. Asked hubby for the favor of capturing me eating on the mess of our beds. Did this:”


i literally have felt this daily creative prompts thing is saving my life.

as H put it: “It’s music in the back of the monotonous tasks of daily survival. It’s the elixir that we bathed in at art school and were too naive to realize that life potentially wouldn’t be this way all the time with everyone.”



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