ha! i just realized

pedicure & foot massages

are amongst my favorite ‘treats’ and getaways.

walking, too.

what can i do while healing a fractured 5th metatarsal?

actually, a whole lot.

there is a LOT of movement i can do while neither weight-bearing on the fracture,

nor doing something that will risk it getting hurt.

needing to move

and having the fracture

catalyzes creativity.

like, wow:

yesterday morning

fidgety and knowing i NEED TO MOVE

i started on my back

and let myself move


not adhering to ‘pilates’, ‘yoga’, ‘exercises’.

i let myself be led by pleasure

by the wisdom of my body.

amazing how much _range_ there is

even while nurturing a fractured metatarsal!

for over a dozen years i have done ‘freeform practice’

‘authentic movement’.

i was reminded how much i _know_ in this realm.


how relieving

what a pleasure

to not be pointing my toes

concerned about looking pretty like in some aerial dance classes;

to not be adapting from a practice created by another (e.g. anna halprin’s movement rituals).

what a pleasure

to simply do

my own movement ritual.



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