1st time ever on silks. we got to play around a bit last night @ the aerial/rope studio of Sarah & Maike, an aerialist rope bottom and her rigger partner, who Winter met recently. it was a really good evening of rope & aerial jamming.

i’m seeing this wave of circus arts & rope arts, each booming and now converging, in the Bay Area. i’m totally drawn to this space of overlap.

life feels speedy right now. we leave for China in a week and i’m fitting a _ton_ into this week, including 3 aerial classes.

i was so grateful, yesterday morning, to meet with one of Anja’s previous Weaving Earth mentors, Chris, for some time at Ragle Ranch Park.

just being in his presence was healing. like yogis who live yoga, he lives nature connection. with him, everything slowed down. there was this sense of ‘there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, except be here now. we have all the time in the world.’

my entire being breathed a sigh of relief. we felt the sun on our faces, noticed the birds, the indentations in the leaves beneath what anja called a ‘tree cave’ where deer may have rested in the shade. we felt footprints in the dirt and leaves; foraged dew-covered miner’s lettuce; just _enjoyed_.

i am grateful for the springtime sun, the burst of flowers everywhere in bloom, the rains that have made everything lush, and green. outside beckons; feels so good to be outside!



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