Per our joint photostream, while my husband and daughter were having fun with cardboard boxes tonight


I was having fun getting tied up by, and chatting with, Winter:



(I like the simple, graceful crisscross on the front torso in the above pic.)

Tonight felt more like a getting-to-know-you-more-deeply night.

We spent a good bit of it chatting.

She tried 3 simple little ties on me – the one above; a strappado (arms together behind), right knee forward, left heel up, back in a bit of an arch; & a ‘mermaid’ tie (legs together like in a hobble skirt).

She gifted me her set of red rope which she is retiring. She is now using a set her teacher gifted her.

I feel honored to have this set. We have history, as this is the rope we had our little mishap in December with; and this is the rope I tied for the first time with, at the rope intensive last month, with Winter kindly modeling.

We’re both taking an aerial rigging workshop this weekend. I’m excited for this next step.






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