“a little love goes a long way”
mentioned by Johnny Smith (pictured above) this morning at led Primary.

i checked in with Ashtanga with Johnny this morning
for the first time in months.

i really needed to shake things up 5 months ago when i stopped practicing Ashtanga regularly and started doing daily Pilates.

and, now, having shook things up, i am ready to return.

there is _nothing_ like having an actual practice

a daily check-in with my mind, body, spirit, heart, soul.

for me, Ashtanga serves all that.

i miss that daily check-in.

Pilates has been beneficial but there isn’t that meditative quality, the breath woven in with movement, the inward focus, the nuanced awareness within, the cleansing.

Ashtanga, thank goodness.

hello, again.



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