45 midlife (1)

45 – to be able to see the arc of life behind, & the arc of life ahead, to one’s own passing

How full & rich these past 45 years have been. What fullness & richness lie ahead!

And there is an end, there will be an ending, to this life.

How have I filled it?

How do I intend to continue to fill it?

Each second passes, each minute, and I make my choices.

This birthday weekend, Ari has offered to be my ‘humble servant’; _I_ design this weekend.

I look at my life

at how I/we have designed it

at the adventures & nourishing times we’re already in

at the rhythm of our ordinary

and I realize I simply want what is already here

and this is a sweet knowingness.

45 is old enough to have seen and known some things,

to know the grass is not greener elsewhere,

to know the extraordinary

is right here

in the ordinary.

45 is young enough to still be adventuring


into new terrain

new depth

new splish-splashy puddles!

And, actually, I guess 😉

45 is not unlike any other age

with some arc behind

some arc ahead

and this.




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