My friend and I are doing an art swap. Each month, on the 1st, we send each other art; we alternate who picks the word. This month, she gave us the word “reflection”.

I suddenly realized it was Feb. 1 and I hadn’t done this project. Brainstormed a bit and decided to bring a handmirror to Maker Lab. I gave it to any kid I could regale, asked them to do anything with it besides break it. I’d follow and document.

Anja used it to see what was behind and walk backwards:


Dean followed suit, then started pointing it this way and that; saw the blue blue sky:


Lukas played with it around his face:


Dustin reflected sunlight all over the place:IMG_5228


and made shadows in that reflected light:


Anja grabbed it and ran, with Julian, to another mirror to make a “forever tunnel”:IMG_5240

Not one kid used it to look at themselves or comment on their appearance.

Now I wanna go play with it; maybe reflect some close up colorful something. Hmm…




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