it was a bit part but i got to be one of the “fish people” in Bob Marsh’s window/river/door Saturday night. (see last figure in last photo ;0) )  i was happy and excited to have the opportunity to experience this. basically, the answer is ‘yes’ right now when i find out about opportunities like this. (you have to look carefully but i’m the last fish person in the last pic.)

“As part of Yerba Buena Night, join collaborators Bob Marsh, Evangel King, Brian Collentine and Jessica Brown for a moving meditation on the actual and metaphorical nature of rivers and life as they traverse Yerba Buena Lane during the free Yerba Buena Night festival of live music, dance, art. “window/door/river” is part of a site-specific, interactive performance series that Footloose presents called Theatecture, a name combining theater and architecture.”

IMG_3192 IMG_3227 IMG_3239 IMG_3284


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