still simmering, the morning after yesterday
little heart murmers
strings & pulls.

a few days ago an Authentic Movement class was cancelled
i suddenly realized i could pick Anja up from her nature program
and _make_ it to Todd Thomas Brown‘s not-so-private art studio opening.

i didn’t think too much about it
just had the grit to make it happen,
and the 5-6 hours driving yesterday to pull it off
was totally worth it.

here’s from when i was feeling like i was crazy to be trying to pull it off:

i feel lucky to have slipped in, last minute, to the Guillermo Gomez-Pena performance art workshop Stephanie Sherman organized, which is where i met Todd. several people from that workshop, as well as from the Illusion/Anna Halprin worlds, were there last night.

i am getting a taste of a world i feel ‘right’ in.
people actively living and doing art – often in multiple media – and within community.

these people i am meeting are all an hour away in the e. bay or SF
but i am grateful to know them.

they give me a taste of what is possible
of what i feel drawn to and nourished and excited by.

i am grateful we are homeschooling
i am grateful i have anja
and that she is now of an age – and i am lucky enough she is of a personality-
that makes it possible to do days like yesterday.

she had very luckily taken a 2 hour nap beforehand
and we had rested up, showered/bathed, stretched our legs at Ahgon & Ahma’s house (which very luckily was only 8 min. away from Todd’s studio).

so, all in all, we were lucky.

here is Anja dancing with Arezoo
IMG_3129 IMG_3120

and here are 2 of the smaller art pieces anja and i liked that we flirted with getting.

that last one was the most affordable one anja and i both liked ($303). we looked at it a long time. it looked like “portals” to anja “in snow”.

it will be an ongoing dance: continuing to do things, go to events, meet people i feel drawn to within our family/homeschooling life. and, how incredible for anja to be hobnobbing with artists in SF til 10pm at night instead of in bed for school the next day.

homeschooling gifts us the flexibility to do things like that, and to have more time/attention/energy to execute things like

this hands-free lemon-merengue pie-eating-contest conceived by anja.


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