a lot has been going on
– we have been engrossed in life –
such that i haven’t felt like writing
but i’ll catch you up a bit now:

here’s the pleasure of tapioca milk tea, and the fun of seeing tons of football fans dressed in Cal regalia minutes before the performance art workshop that was already several weekends ago:

the workshop was incredible. it felt like the convergence of so many things i love in one place. i felt affirmed and encouraged in my interest in performance art.

the past few weeks, C and i have been deep in the creation of Maker Lab for Homeschoolers. we did some serious purging, cleaning and organizing of her garage.

it has been sweet to cofacilitate something that’s in support of Anja’s homeschooling, and up my alley too. makes me feel way more excited and happy about homeschooling. it has felt great to be doing something like this _with_ people.
IMG_2860 (1)

meanwhile, lots of things seem to be spinning around me:

there were the lake county fires – many people’s homes burnt to the ground, including that of many people we know.

there has been L, going through chemo; heading into neurosurgery & radiation. here’s a moment from when we three skyped with him and his dad this past weekend. there’s nothing quite like another kid (and anja can be quite entertaining) to bring on smiles.  i treasured these moments, within what have been the toughest days of his life, and within the context of not knowing what is in store.

Helen’s partner’s dog Ochimo passed away.

a friend’s son was in a fireside accident, got 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his legs, has gone through multiple surgeries, is recuperating.

and, a dear friend had her baby and is now single-mom-ing and diving back into work just a month postpartum.

as a family, we have been doing some serious organization and purging, both of MIL Anne’s stuff, and of all our stuff. Ari’s been calling it his “mid-life purge”. when he dies, things will be so in order, and he will have so little stuff, handling it all will be a cinch.

we also just got Anja set up on a standing desk ‘cuz she’s been really getting into Minecraft and we want her ergonomics to be optimal.

there you go:
a lot moving
and without.



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