wow – just home from 2nd day of introductory free week of pilates @ Urban Guerrilla here in Petaluma.

it feels SO good and is a good fit of exercise for me, as part of shaking things up in that regard. among its selling points are: close by, with hours that slip into our family schedule, and the option of unlimited monthly.

gonna grow out my grey and get in the best shape of my life this year – be a radiant aging woman! 🙂

it feels good to carve new grooves in my body and life.

gonna add trampolining ‘cuz it’s right there in the backyard, and explore what i can do on that thing.

gonna row on the Petaluma River as a family Sundays

&, overall, am just gonna find creative ways to be active day-to-day.

all the photos in this post are copyright Cathy Stancil from when i modeled for Madeline Black’s new book last year. please do not repost. it was my first taste of Pilates.

p40217166-5 p327858265-5 p104762851-5 p411135325-5 p123481179-5 p378327664-5 p89184471-5


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