i’ve been feeling a bit crazy this week or so

not a bad thing;

it is part of life and inspires new ideas, new action:

~ yesterday it compelled me to spread paint all over a canvas, and to begin transferring some images. it didn’t matter where the painting was going. i just needed the outlet in this month of no childcare, no regular schedule, and close friends out of town.

~ i also realized: OMG – the possibilities in that trampoline in our backyard! it is the perfect, cheap, low-impact, right-there-when-i-want-to-move-and-am-stuck-in-the-house ‘workout’. i can bring everything i know from authentic movement, improvisational dance, yoga, ritual into this ‘studio’ in our backyard. i’m excited to experiment with the possibilities of that space.



2015-16- the year i get in the best shape of my life – radiant from the inside out – and grow my grey hair out.

i choose/create my life.

i choose being the primary SAHP b/c i wouldn’t want to be away from anja more than PT anyways, and i can’t think of any PT job for $ that i’d prefer to SAHP-ing. Any job would take time and psychic energy w/o solving the base need to do art unfettered by considerations of $. Until/unless a PT job presents itself as something I desire to do, parenting is actually a situation in which I am the boss and I can, with creativity, work ‘my thing’ in.


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