inspired by a yoga friend Wendy Spies, who just won gold at the Masters World Cup in her weight division 53 kg., Ari & I are going in tomorrow for an introductory private at Myles Ahead, which coaches Olympic weightlifting in Petaluma, and (wow) is just around the block!

this seems, in some ways, like a most unlikely sport for me. at 44, I feel fragile, with mild hip dysplasia that mayn’t do well with weight bearing, and achey feet. i’ve barely lifted a thing in my lifetime as most of my sports have been functional weight bearing (swimming, gymnastics, dance, yoga).

i am, however, ready to shake things up, to find something that builds muscle and transforms my body in very little time each week, and that fits into my/our life (e.g. is right around the corner!).

even if i just gently do just enough to be healthy and not wreak destruction on my body, it could be great.

the half hour drive to and from yoga had stopped working for me and our family life.  plus my teacher stepped down.

i wanna try something new, something challenging and ‘unlikely’.

even better if Ari and I happen to get into it together.

[later: the private was fun and ari will start lifting 2-3x/week but i realized what i knew: it’s not the right exercise for my body due to the weightbearing. i think it’ll destroy my hip joint faster and if i am gonna spend $ on exercise, i’d rather do something else.]


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