monday morning, after 2 weeks of immersion with inkBoat.
grateful for an unscheduled week
to integrate.

_grateful_ for life!

what an incredible 2 weeks.

i am so not in control.
i simply show up, move towards what attracts me with an open heart, & things happen.

met some beautiful, warm people.
enjoyed some sweet, fun, and warm connections.
witnessed and participated with some incredible creative process, collaboration, live-finessing.
witnessed anja, once again, stepping into the fray with PURE JOY and her innate, unfettered genius.

IMG_1955moshe's pic

the thought is here: spirits choose the parents they are born to. she is the perfect child for me, and i am the perfect mother for her, for each of our paths. and Ari is the perfect spouse for me and father for her.

i see this.

by extension:
my father is the perfect father for me
my mother is the perfect mother for me.
the things i came to grow through
are perfectly situated within my family context.

sunday i woke up and cooked dad vegetables.
i saw there were no cooked vegies in the house, and mom was away in china for business a few more days.
i know he can’t cook.
it was my way of showing love to him.
he has given to me so much over so many years
the least i can do is cook him some vegies.

parents don’t ‘need to understand’ us.
anja, at 6, already states, often, that i ‘never’ understand her.
so it is with dad.
the truth is, he _does_ know me as he knows me
and that is one real way of knowing me.

Dohee mentioned she lives, each moment, asking what Anna regularly asks:
how are you, right now, with the people you are with?
it is a powerful query to keep in mind.


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