opening by ivola demange

(pic by ivola demange)

so many things whirling in my system.

– we are so much more powerful and magical _with_ each other. it simply would not have been the same without EVERYone involved, including random audience who tripped into it.

– dancing in honor of, and for, my father.

– conversation on “voice” in life and on FB with Crow.

– warmth. dan. heekyung. dohee.

– the question: how are you, right now, with the people you are with?

– sweet, life-full moments. natan. sarah b. bob marsh. moshe. pak. joshua. crow. heekyung. and many more.

– cool shinichi and dana have 2 kids and are doing what they are doing!

– at 44, i’m not excellent at, nor have i been committed to, any 1 medium: photography, documentary filmmaking, yoga, dance, movement, soundmaking. i am ecclectically and wholly interested in many of these media. what is my strength? what is my desire? i am excellent at being me, a particular conglomeration of abilities that don’t necessarily fit in a box. what next will present itself as a direction to funnel my energy and gifts?

‘why does anything have to ‘go’ anywhere? what does excellence have to do w/anything?’ i can hear ari asking these things. trees do their tree thing b/c they just do. they don’t aspire to something else, or doubt themselves.

these past 2 weeks w/inkBoat, being with and alongside all of these artists doing their thing _together_ has been amazing. they have been days that are part of Life, a good life.  i will not die regretful if i continue doing this sort of thing: what i love with people i love.


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