for the longest time ANJA wrote her name w/the J’s ‘backwards’ (tail curling to right).
if i occasionally pointed this out, she always insisted with absolute confidence her way was correct
so i left it alone
and suddenly she is writing her Js ‘normal’ more often now.

she came up with ‘3’ several times in a row
and explained to me exactly what math she was working out in her head:
2 divided by 4 plus 3 minus 8 = 3
i asked her to write it out when we got home on paper to help me understand what she was thinking ‘cuz i wasn’t getting the same result.
‘i’ll show you on my fingers,’ she said.
‘2 divided by 4′ (she puts up 8 fingers)
‘plus 3. now i’m using one toe.’
‘minus 8′ (she counts back 8)
‘equals 3′ (she shows me she is correct.)

‘oh! i get what you are thinking. in english the word for what you just did is ‘times’ rather than ‘divided by’ 4. so, yes, based on your meaning of divided by, the correct number is 3.’

‘no!’ she insists the correct term is ‘divided by’.

i appreciate witnessing the writing and math she is figuring out on her own in her head.
i appreciate that she is sitting around working out multiple-step math while we’re hanging out.
and i love that we are homeschooling and i get to be alongside for so many moments of this all.
like this intricate mobile-like contraption which she showed up with after 30 min. of quiet this afternoon:


“it’s a fish-lurer,” she informs me.
love it!


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