2015-05-27 22.53.29 copy

i come home to my sweethearts already asleep.

grateful they are zzzing.

so i can do dishes

be alone.



go to bed.

funny how there was a time when i thought she would _never_ fall asleep w/o boobie and me laying beside her, that it would _never_ cease. and, here, 6 yrs. later, she cuddles w/daddy to sleep.  hurray! and nostalgia.


‘hey you!’

a crazy-looking man, white, maybe in his late 30s?, shouts at me thru the driver side window while i sit inside eating my taco bell bean & cheese burritos (no cheese, no onions, add guac, throw on grill please).

they won’t take his order, walking, through the drive through and the main store is apparently closed.

i lock the doors as he gets near, afraid.

‘i’m hungry!! i’m hungry!!’ he emphasizes. ‘i’ve been on the road 3 days.’ he unfolds a $5 bill and says i can get something for myself too.

the emphasis on ‘i’m hungry! i’m hungry!’ gets me and i slide down my window to take his bill and drive through to order him as many soft tacos as $5 can get, which is 3 for $4.22.

‘thank you so much. i’m so hungry.’

‘have a good night; i hope you are full soon.’


another night @ anna’s performance lab

more familiarity with the people.

there is something in that all for me.

i am not a performer, like how some of those people are.

the vague stirrings of scores in my system seem too out there for that room.

they might require people willing to go deep & get scary & wild.

some egos in there, some covetousness and jealousy, and some pure warm hearts, creative, playful, innovative, community-minded peeps.

where do i fit in it?

not sure.

there are only a few left before they stop for the summer.


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