Version 2

sleeping next to Anja last nite

— waking

seeing how she tucks her left hand under her cheek/chin

(this photo was taken a tad later when she had her right hand tucked under)

i feel like that was how she was in utero

and how she came out

with that hand by her cheek —

i am so grateful for this sweet happiness

and pleasure:

her warm, breathing body by mine.

we have health.

we have everything.

we are so fortunate.

there are many tragedies and hardships and sadnesses people can experience

one’s child suffering


or possibly passing on before you

can certainly be one of them.

ultimately, i guess,

we each have a blip of life on this planet –

some longer

some shorter.

filling our blip

with love


and happiness –

that’s what matters, really,

in the end.


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