(pic is of inkBoat performance)

OMG – every time i think: i am SO tired, maybe i won’t go – then go

i _never_ regret it.

Anna Halprin’s Remembering the Body class tonight was SO pleasurable and satisfying

and each time i go i meet the most amazing people

that lead me directly like magic to what i am wanting to do!

tonight i was struck by a mover who had flown in from Korea a few days ago and was jet-lagged. i didn’t even find out her name but she mentioned she’d flown in to participate with inkBoat for 95 Rituals which they are doing for Anna’s 95th birthday.

i come home, google, realize she is Heekyung Cho, and find a million new opportunities c/o inkBoat to witness site-specific dance and physical theater – exactly what i am SO interested in seeing and learning more about and participating in.

i don’t want to do solo stuff.

i want to move with people.

like tonight – which was SO awesome.

i am feeling totally right on for having emailed P.O.S.T.-Wellness by Design to pause teaching the next Intro & Series of Authentic Movement in order to create time to revision my work.

suddenly there are a TON of opportunities for an influx of inspiration, for meeting others doing what i love to do:

inkBoat is actually offering “work/trade” (participating in 95 rituals!) in exchange for training (a 9-noon workshop). how crazy perfect is that?! i emailed saying i hoped it wasn’t too late to be a part of this all.

there is the Illusion Show 8 happening this saturday. i found out about that, in the nick of time, thru conversation with a friend, tomoko, at the previous Tuesday’s class. Illusion 7 was one of the most fun, incredible, live art creation events I’d ever been a part of and it feels poignant to be returning 7 years later with the child who was in my belly at the last show now out and 6 years old.ak illusion 7 right

there are also a series of events for Anna’s bday all month.

[today when i got out of the car for class, a woman was setting up a large black net on a tree at street level where we park before going in to class.

‘what are you working on?’ i asked her

she was prepping for a performance as part of anna’s bday celebrations. then i noticed what was written on her huge black garbage bags full of supplies: “Pod”.

whoa!, i responded.

something rang a bell? she asked

i explained i’ve been working on an evolving project called The Pod as well.]

overall, let’s just say: i’m wired, excited, happy, following what draws me, and grateful for the many opportunities, coming in a rush, right at the perfect time.

Thank you, Universe!



on a separate but related note:

tonight the score anna had us do: 1 person does sound. touches next. that person does sound. etc. until eventually we open it up so we all do sound and respond to the main sounder. and then we are all doing sound and movement. it was an amazing, satisfying, pleasurable, ever-changing experience. i was impressed by people’s breadth and presence and wondered about our backgrounds.

afterwards, i wondered about non-performance vs. performance. in this case, Anna and Tomoko provide witnessing/’audience’ similar to in Authentic Mvmt., thru holding space and enjoying us. this is a huge contribution. if i had to pick who was having the most satisfying, pleasureable experience, though, i’d say, more often than not, it is the mover.

do i most want to just have experiences like this? is ‘performing’ or ‘performance art’ of interest to me? why have an audience? the only satisfying answer i can think of is in the relationship btw. mover and ‘audience’. the audience ‘participates’ thru being affected by, or transforming, or responding to/participating. or, maybe, the only satifying thing is this aspect:

“Ritual is another word that needs a new definition… Ritual, as I use the term, refers to an artistic process by which people gather and unify themselves in order to confront the challenges of their existence.”  ~ Anna Halprin


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