just want to take a moment to say

we each come with certain gifts.

sometimes in life these gifts may also be sources of pain, or there may be struggle, eventually, around them.

but we come with our innate ways of being, and gifts.

living and growing with Anja

i am struck by this gift she has for going up to a group of strangers

and completely finding that access point in

through her open-heartedness, enthusiasm, play,

through her own desire for connection and fun.

she does this always. regularly. in many different circumstances.

each time has its magic.

here’s anja with a group of young Taiwanese men we bumped into practicing breakdancing in Tainan, after a fantastic afternoon with them:


and a video of a blip of that connection: https://www.flickr.com/photos/divine-eye/17196909742/in/set-72157651970226831

here’s a blog about another magic incident, yesterday, with a group of Taiwanese aborigine kids at the National Taiwan Science Education Center:


i am curious to witness how this gift evolves.


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