OMG, the altar (installation, A Resurrection, for The Painted Moon exhibit) finally came together tonight.


waiting on some found peacock feathers which will arrive tomorrow. the poem will probably be on the candles, and the canvas strips will be sewn on site Tuesday, held together by gold thread, like a tablecloth, and revealing some of the crayoned, polka-dot surface of the kid table. there’ll be gold thread across the table on the feathers too.

it all came together when i stopped trying to make it happen on this table, borrowed from the neighbors. this project simply couldn’t sustain this 1’x4′ surface.


i reminded myself tonight that my original proposal was for an altar in a 2’x2’x3′ cubed space. this 2’x2′, worn, charming, kid table surface is PERFECT. it gives a sense of the everyday sacred, of parenting, of making what you can with what you have.

i let go of the ‘structure’ idea for The Threads Between Us interactive performance about 2 weeks ago when i woke one morning with a clear idea for a ‘score’. i’d been waiting to see what would arise and, given we won’t be able to rehearse, the structure didn’t feel right. there were worries about it tilting, or about how to protect the floor. it simply didn’t feel worth the trouble. SIMPLE is good, especially with no chance to rehearse! also, if we started with 2 suspended on the structure, as was an idea i was mulling, we’d undoubtedly have kids and audience wanting to play on it too, and i don’t like the idea of an area that’d be ‘off limits’ when we’re inviting interaction.

the idea of creating the space visually through setting up and dancing w/a net, inspired by cells in the body, in a bee hive, in an old leaf, was what came:

IMG_9989 red 3839720754_09342edd2a_z

here’s the draft net, created in 1 hr. 15 min. on Friday afternoon:IMG_0032

i tried to make the ‘net’ as easy as possible to hand to 6 people, the night of, with no rehearsal, and have it go off without a glitch. i tried to make it as simple and safe as possible for audience interaction.

i’m not quite satisfied with the above: as soon as it was laid out, i felt how confining and un-free it felt to try to move in the outside 6 loops WITH the loops. feels like leaving it on the floor as a suggestion works better and LONG lengths of ‘thread’/’loops’ would work better for freedom, dance, and interaction.

i  knotted it all together, though, in case i don’t have time to pull off more than this, but i am thinking to create a whole new ‘net’, sewn together, with properly measured proportions, and no hand-tied knots. we’ll see what i can pull off by Friday.

it has been a stressful time, with a LOT going on: prepping for the opening, prepping to leave for Taiwan 2 days after the opening, Heart of Business coursework, plus some functional ’emergency’ life stuff that has required MANY unplanned-for hours.

the team has come together. we have our peeps! still need to solidify music and find a sound person, but, mostly, things are coming together.

yes, i have felt stress, but i am also incredibly grateful to have this all to direct my attention and heart towards. this sort of creative process – working with people, materials, time, energy – to create something i’m pleased with, is a great pleasure.


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