on the day of the new moon in Pisces and full solar eclipse (3/20), i read:

Once you set a clear intention, allow all the power and support available to simply be received by the container of the project. Trust in right timing.
Lena Stevens http://www.mysticmamma.com/the-theme-for-march-2015-is-power/

One of the things that has risen to the surface with the opportunity of The Threads Between Us, and The Painted Moon art exhibit, is this awareness of how different “Antonia of now” and “Antonia of days of yore” is.

There is a span that has been travelled in these years of parenting
in these years of “non-accomplishment”
in these years of yoga and Authentic Movement and life practice:

i am no longer that stressy, striving girl whose value is depending on an outside-in-assessment
i am no longer the girl who prides herself on her prowess “making things happen”

i am a conduit for the Divine,
a weaver of magic.

as i have moved through this project
there has just been this ease,
excitement, and gratitude.
it is not that i am not in action.
i am in action.
there’s just deep trust in right timing.

fabric came (!)
not _just_ fabric
but fabric that toured the US as part of a multimedia installation
from an elder who also brought wisdom and encouragement.
(pic below of our meeting by Anja, 6)

this afternoon i will speak with T, who works closely with Anna Halprin, about “scores” to help me think about the arc of the ritual.

last night, N, a man i’ve shared magical movement times with at Anna’s class, signed on to be a co-performer. he had signed on before, on the phone, but we got to talk in person and his ‘i’m in!’ now feels solid.

a handful of ‘friendly faces’ who will be ‘seeded’ through the ‘audience’ to help support the project is coming into being.

i had a deeply satisfying conversation with K, a dear friend and pro performance artist, who i reached out to when in fear on the 2nd day of the project.

not to mention, the opportunity itself (how it came to be), and the structure (which the co-owner of Thrive will build).

there is also an ease about the ritual itself. i wrote this to collaborators:

“in many ways, this project is a practice. it is stepping into the unknown with intention, and being totally present to what is there in the moment.” 

as such, whatever happens will be perfect.
our only job is to bring intention, presence.
we create the container, and the container welcomes and can hold what arises.




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