apple treethis morning anja and i stopped by grandma anne’s assisted living.

there was a single yellow rose on the dining table this time.

we ended up puttering a bit longer than usual b/c anne’s cousin Z was coming and we wanted to meet her.

plus anja started working on a fairy house beneath the huge sycamore tree.

for the 1st time in all my visits there, i noticed there was mint growing amidst the roses. i brought a leaf in for anne to smell.

anja grabbed some to nibble.

‘what is she doing to my plants?’ asked B, one of the caregivers.
‘she’s building a fairy house next to it,’ i explained, and acknowledged his new plant.

‘you have mint!” i said.
‘i want to grow more,’ he replied.

turned out he has been gardening. we went with enthusiasm to see:
he has been making do with what containers, propagate-able plants, and seeds, he has had access to.

there are 2 baby apple trees he has grown from seed! and there were leeks, cantaloupe starts, tomato starts.

i asked did he garden much in the Philippines? he said: no, in the Philippines he was the bossman in construction. here, he needed a new hobby, and so he is gardening.

he pressed a few more apple seeds from the apple he had just finished eating into soil.

he wants to grow big watermelon, oranges. he wants the families of residents to be able to have some.

the darkness i’d felt in him a few months ago was gone.

there was this new light there, this sense of tending.

the sun was golden; it was gorgeous.

i was present to this great, dear abundance we have, all around us, in nature.


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