yes’es, no’s, maybe’s.

just a moment to acknowledge:
i have received all of these answers recently
in the process of moving on the project
and i am easy, at peace, with them all.

i trust in that which is greater than i.

Once you set a clear intention, allow all the power and support available to simply be received by the container of the project. Trust in right timing.
~ Lena Stevens, http://www.mysticmamma.com/the-theme-for-march-2015-is-power/

there are all sorts of ‘sacred contracts’ between us all.

sometimes i meet someone perfectly kind
and for whatever reason, i feel an energetic stopping.
sometimes i put out a query
and the answer is ‘no’ because there is not enough desire there
the ‘no’ is a gift; it is not the right thing at the right time.

i am aware of the invisible energetic webs/energies between us all.
i have been aware of all the magical support and power flowing thru~

(total solar eclipse, new moon in Pisces, before the equinox.)

garth knight



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