how do u move powerfully consciously gently gracefully thru the world

in this existence?

i support people in reconnecting with their innate genius

inner knowing.

whatever may have been squelched, suppressed, rendered foggy;

whatever can’t be resolved with the mind,


the answers are already here in the energetic body.

download them:

the innate way we want to unwind



come clear

to be a conduit


for what we are here for.

by this


and the whole universe


@ the edge of what each of us can tolerate as a human body

comes a crack of light.

a crack

the light

masks fall

all the many faces

and there is only light left.

light, moving as it moves.

no thinking is needed

the knowing shifts cells

integrates thru your whole being.

that is the only true shift

beyond words

in the psychic and energetic realms.


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