At Weaving Earth this month, they are celebrating ancestors.
Anja had no idea what her ancestors look like and wanted to see
so last night I emailed my parents for photos
and this morning woke up to history.

I’m struck by how quickly the world changes.
Everything that seems important to me right now
is but a blip in the passing of things.
Everything is so transient.
Culture is so transient
and so quickly and easily lost with the people who lived and carried the culture.

Here is my great great grandfather, on my father’s side:

GGGrand Fath

What a different world!

Here is my dad’s family when he was a boy:


In the top image, a precious photo from 1954 lunar new year holiday time, he is 12.5 and the boy on right in the back row. In the bottom photo, my grandfather is the boy on the left in the back row, and my great great grandmother is the old woman in the center of the photo.

Here is my maternal grandfather:

Dr 林全忠

He looks so sensitive, and intelligent. I can see why grandma would’ve fallen for him! ;0)

Here’s mom’s family when she is a girl:

Susan with parents

She’s the little girl front center. (I just emailed to ask but I am guessing 1 boy is a cousin as she only has 2 brothers, and that her youngest sister isn’t in the photo.)

Meanwhile, I am shooting images of myself like this:

creekside big square

This would have been, like, what?!! to my ancestors.

And, perhaps one day, when I am 80, or 90, Anja will look at this and be struck by how quickly the world changes.



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