waterside in progress small IMG_8618

grateful to be in the process of this

i am curious what is coming next in this painting

that is a rhetorical question.

i know it will answer itself.

i am loving this process of working with taking many images,

curating the one (here’s the one used in the above),

creekside big square

and then seeing what happens when it is transferred to canvas.

it is unpredictable.

it is slow, and requires steps.

the process works well in the bits and pieces of time that is my life as a mother now.

suddenly the windows of time between steps

between when i am actively working on it

come alive

as i carry the image inside

in consideration

in listening

with curiousity

waiting to see what wants to arise next.

i _love_

that the image might fail to transfer

here or there.

i love the surprise and surrender of the process.

i love the practice of it.

i love the resulting image


with pixels dropped off

transparent bits.

the image betrays what it is made of.

it betrays its transience

and how it is beholden to time

and chance.

the image feels of this world

and also of other worlds.

i love, too,

that feeling-into

for when a painting

is “done”.

sometimes the canvas is still half bare



and yet

there it is



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