there are times
when i love my life
falling asleep last night
in conversation with anja:

‘tomorrow we have nothing on the schedule. if you have a project you want to do, i can support that; we can spend a few hours on it.’

‘yay! i’m so excited for tomorrow. that makes me want to go to bed sooner.’

‘to get up sooner?’


‘any ideas for projects you want to do?’

(pause. she is thinking.) ‘i have a few ideas – maybe finishing Anja Book 2, or planting the seeds we just got, or, i’ve been curious about making a scarecrow. what are you thinking?’

‘potato stamps!’

‘yes! we can definitely do that.’

‘do we have to go back to the pumpkin patch to get potatoes?’

‘we finished the ones from the pumpkin patch but we got some in the farm box this week.’

‘are they small ones?’


‘what color are they?’


‘yum, they are the yummiest.’

‘good night.’

‘good night.’

she pulls my arm around her, my palm on her chest, as she often does, and falls to sleep.


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