there is a life force

in each of us

that is trust-able



an incredible night

in Anna Halprin’s Remembering the Body class.

a reminder

i am most alive doing this

the practice of

being in the moment

of giving myself permission

to do or not do

to Be

exactly as i am.

to see. feel.

to wait

for inner impulse.

to honor

what that is.

to be dropped in

to truly not knowing

what will arise

in each moment


to relate

to others

to myself

to the space

in Truth.

it wasn’t Authentic Movement but Anna’s comments afterwards felt like witnessing.

these are the sides of me i Know

that rise to the surface


in contexts like these:




‘did not calm down’ until when i met N

then ~ ‘the most sweet dance’

‘intimate’ ‘innocent’ ‘tender’.


what an incredible gift

to have the space

to Know the above.


some inspiring Anna Halprin images i bumped into tonight:

anna branches anna-gold-dance


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