it is dawning on me

just how much revolutionary growth

is about to happen

is happening

through this path we’re on

of life.

Anja going to Weaving Earth

surfing the gatherings related to this

realizing the fear i have around disasters

can dissipate

if i learn

how to step in nature

how to live, survive, thrive


if there is a village

a community


i have an extended Taiwanese family

but geographics and life have scattered us.

i have very little experience living closer to nature ~

i remember two under-the-stars sleeping experiences:

once, laying awake all night in a father-daughter girl scouts overnighter

& another time, with a friend, in a sleeping bag under the stars at Harbin.

these past few weeks

everything feels like it is converging

my whole life – all the ‘disparate’ streams –

into one selfsame, huge, vital river.

the path that led to me, then Ari, reading Sacred Economics & exploring the writing of Charles Eisenstein

the synchronicity of his article on Deschooling Convivium being in this month’s issue of Life Learning Magazine that we subscribe to

the fortune of Weaving Earth starting locally last year, and Anja turning just-6 and entering this community

(after all that consideration of moving for a Sudbury school, here, suddenly, is a great, local option that feels in alignment.)

Authentic Movement

the fear – freakout – that homeschooling/unschooling was going to be some sort of trap or death sentence

has given way this past month

to an incredible gratitude

a realization

that it is actually a golden key

to her, my, our freedom

and evolution.

thank you, life.


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