i thought i was recording for the full 45 min.

instead, i captured 3 minutes, then turned it off and forgot to turn it back on.

and am actually disappointed.

was hoping to actually see what i did.


i am insane.

i filmed myself nude.

moving, burping.


i filmed myself cumming

a few times

not in any way i’ve ever seen

on the internet

in porn.

just totally ordinary

with weird, human gestures.

i put my clothes on.

i sat in padmasana.

i looked at that little black spot on the iPhone.

the camera.

i wondered who was on the other side of its gaze.

i closed my eyes in meditation

tuned in through that black spot

with my third eye.


why in the world

do i think

the filming of this

this whatever i am doing

would have to do

with what i am here for?


it is certifiably


how in h*ll

does this relate

in any way

with ‘a living’?

your weird is your wealth, says HB.

‘does being of service/helping others in your role of spirit-led performance feel aligned?’ asks PZ.


is this performance or non-performance?

i am certainly aware of the camera

carefully point my cunt and face

away from it.

but the lean

is towards non-performance



my thought is

this would somehow be of service/help to others

not b/c that is its intention

but simply b/c that is its inevitable consequence.


but i am operating in TOTAL weird land.

what i am doing would be inconceivable

for my parents



how can i possibly share this?

it feels


to say the least.




WAY outside any comfort zone.



of course,

i did all that

and did not record it.

ha, ha.


i get to

realize my



try again

another day.


i won’t question why i do what i do.

i will keep doing it.

each time i learn,

fine tune.


i am nude when i want to be

i am clothed when i want to be

i open my eyes and gaze when i want to gaze

(e.g. this is no longer Authentic Movement, with closed eyes).


what is the gift

of revealing

what nobody


but which is right there

for each of us?




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