egoless art

excerpts from Adi Da Samraj’s artist’s statement that resonate; bolding mine:

My image-art can be characterized as paradoxical space that undermines “point of view”. That undermining allows for a tacit glimpse, or intuitive sense, of the transcendental condition of reality—totally beyond and prior to “point of view”.

My process of image-art is always purposed to transcend point of view and, if the resultant images are received seriously and viewed seriously, they are a means for tacitly feeling the perfectly egoless condition of that which is perceived.

By making image-art, I am making “space” for what is beyond and prior to “point of view” and ego-“I”.


The living body inherently wants to be one with the matrix of life. The living body always wants to allow the light of perfect reality into the “room”. Assisting human beings to fulfill that impulse is what I work to do by every act of image-art.

My images are created to be a means for the fully participating viewer to locate fundamental light—the world as light, all relations as light, naturally perceived light as absolute light.

My images, well-met, should bring tears to the eyes, restore laughter to the life, and, altogether, both show and give a perfect equanimity to the total world.

Ultimately, when “point of view” is transcended, there is no longer any separate self at all—but only love-bliss-brightness, limitlessly felt, in vast unpatterned joy.


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