(In)VisibleBwithout a moment’s thought
i just forwarded Kirsten Berg‘s Burning Man Kickstarter project (In)Visible  –>

& a handful of others i’ve had the fortune to come across in this lifetime
(like Sarita Rivard
who i have yet to meet in person)
are among those few
who stand out to me.

she is down-to-earth
not flashy
real & thoughtful & kind.
her yoga practice is deep & true.
her art is visionary.

i know who she is
resonate with that
& will forward her project along
support her
without a moment’s pause.

the people i most admire
often live quietly
doing their thing.

they don’t speak a ton.
they may be scarce with their words
but when they speak i listen.

i aspire to that.

at the same time
there are those i admire
who DO speak
who speak unapologetically
with HUGEness
that is their art.

i aspire to that too.

the trueline:
i admire
the ones who are grace
who are beams of light in darkness
who somehow are WITH people
and not swept up
in the rattle and noise of the unconscious.

when i hang with them
i feel our tender hearts
our Greatness

i aspire to that.

that is a life worth living.


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