i am endlessly fascinated by the blank space.

what do people do, when given a blank space?
what happens for people, when they give themselves that space?

in many ways, that is what The Pod is
a blank space
the offering of an open, transparent space.

with the willingness
to be without plans
without knowing
to dare to let the unknown arise

there is magic in that.

The Pod can be a practice, ritual.
it doesn’t have to be,
but there is power
to setting aside that regular space
of blank-ness
for oneself.

there is power in not doing this alone
in having,
as RK named it,
‘a benevolent presence’
holding that space.

let artifice fall away
let all of you in every manifestation BE
that you may exit



i am remembering a poem i wrote when i was 9,
about wanting to go away
by a creek
in a forest
and scream and scream,
and come home again.

i wrote that when i was 9.

[photo credit: Nicholas A. Tonnetti]


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