there have been some ‘dark nights [or afternoons or whatever] of the soul’ lately:

where are ‘my peeps’?
how do i connect with them?

how is it i have moved on from every grouping i’ve ever been a part of with no or only a few friends?
to what extent am i doing this?
to what extent is my feeling ‘different’ real or BS as reason for the above?

i have journeyed
for where i ‘belong’.
i have concluded over and over
that i don’t ‘belong’.

this loneliness is not serving me.

it is time to create that field of belonging
for myself and all spirits
all around me.

there have been people showing up
they walk by my driveway
or call or email
expressing desire for me to JOIN
offering encouragement when i am ready to delete myself
pointing out openings
possibilities for thinking bigger
for connecting.



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