‘hiding energy’

HB mentioned there’s a certain ‘hiding energy’ to me

yes, there is.

it’s about safety. & fear.

i want to be seen but by those who ‘get it’ and who are open and who feel safe.

tune in
to Light.
then all the above becomes irrelevant.
the question of what to say becomes irrelevant.
i am Light. i shine that Light b/c that is what Light does.

important right now:
Lounge time. Nothing time.

Be careful re: Facebook.
Being a porous empath
it is good for me to just check in maybe once or twice a week
post what I have to post
stay in feeling connection
I find FB incredibly draining
and mind/psyche cluttering.
I am not sure I want to be part of that for others
but others seem to swim in that soup just fine.

What nourishes me
is Quiet
the mundane
those little moments in relationships
and companionship
that happen “IRL” (in real life).

“building an Audience”
that is not where my energy is to go right now
despite that being such a ‘thing’ on FB or here on wordpress.

simply allowing a space where others can potentially find me
and being in the practice of putting my stuff out there
is enough.




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