7 minutes. Put on hood, step in, see what happens. This is raw, unedited footage, shot 5/19/14 4:03-4:10pm, a first stab at a big vision:

See-through yurt, streaming video, I (or others) step in to The Pod for pre-set time (1-24 hours?) to close eyes & move from internal impulse (a la Authentic Movement). Perhaps there is a witness by the camera, or witnesses around The Pod. There is an online space for participants/witnesses to share writing, music, images, etc. that arise from viewing. I welcome your comments, feedback, art as this seedling is let loose on the wind.

I realize 7 min. is an eternity in this online world and would edit a teaser but iMovie is f*cked on my computer right now, I’m out of open childcare time this week, and there’s a momentum to post this, that I am honoring.

Please know: a period longer than 7 min. and an actual, live witness, like my friend R, probably would have garnered more ‘dropped-in’ movement.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Pod 1

  1. Entertaining. I have an autistic child who moves like you. But he does not wear a funny hat. Were you trying to look autistic?

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