some things that stand out for me from 2nd one-on-one session with HB of Fearless Journal (paraphrased notes):

FJ is not about assignments. it’s about owning your potency, showing up, being seen.

you are a living artist. i’m not interested in your work after you are dead, Antonia. putting it out there as messy, as imperfect, as unfinished as it is and allowing yourself to be seen in process is important right now. 

what if i were more comfortable with what i’m into, doing, and interested in? what if i were being more visible about it? what would happen? there’d be the possibility of connecting with people more in alignment with what you work with, as well as letting people come into your world.

what is unfettered Antonia? full Antonia?
AK: i have no idea. first thing i think of is ‘dead’. i’m scared i’m going to die.

i know you can see this big thing in front. i know you don’t know how to get there. that’s okay.

you have to be doing your work. you have to find a way to express and share your work and be in relationship.

what can you do right now to be seen as you are?

we want people to be related to you, but not changing you. i really want you to be you.

‘i want to be a working artist, period.’ no matter how many times you talk yourself out of it, it’s never going to be anything other than that. 

anytime there’s confusion, new action.



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