Stop Hiding

Here’s the video of me getting out: https://vimeo.com/95343349


2 thoughts on “Stop Hiding

  1. Very suburban looking location. Probably Boss Hog from Dukes of Hazard is the Sheriff. You might get arrested for indecent exposure. In other post, you mentioned Kink.com Maybe you could do “public disgrace”. Public exposure is your fetish?

    • I’m kinky but public disgrace or exposure has never been my fetish, and I have zero – no, negative! – interest in working for Kink.com. That all is performance, theater, perhaps getting ones rocks off, or at least pretending to. At best, perhaps it is BDSM exploration for some of the participants. I am not in exploration mode. I am in Consciousness mode, and the only BDSM I’m interested in is in that vein.

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