all these connections today
btw. Authentic Movement, the practice, the relationship btw. mover & witness
& BDSM per SlaveMaster at BornSlaves.com
and satsang/practice with Adi Da Samraj

imagining yurt, sacred room/space
possibly live streaming video, or one way window; people outside can see in. me inside.
or me as witness, holding space for other/s.

Authentic Movement
but my own flavor.
i have space to follow my intuition
maybe there would be this or that w/in the space
piles of salt, or a hanging platform, or…?


Adi Da in Open Eyes: The Revelation of the World as God

“What are you doing? What are you always doing?” [this is a query in all practices including Authentic Movement, yoga, BDSM] When this consideration has become profound, that is the beginning of true hearing, or understanding.

Such hearing or understanding naturally magnifies the degree and attention that is free or available for this Process that is the Way. Therefore, those who have begun to hear or understand also begin to hear more and more. They do not merely attend or listen to the Spiritual Master – they serve the Spiritual Master and the entire company of devotees who gather in response to the Spiritual Master.” [#4, for example, served me with his unfettered joyous laugh & presence] 

Therefore, those who “hear” and surrender also “see” or receive the Revelation of the Spiritual Divine….[A]ll forms of obstruction or self-contraction ~ in body, emotion, mind, or any dimension of the grosser or subtler spheres of manifest being ~ are suspended. All the “knots” in the body-mind-self become untied, as if transparent or non-existent, and the Divine Identity and Condition of self and Nature are directly Realized.” pp. 7 [parallels Authentic Movement & “pure slave state” per SlaveMaster= “a tremendous sense of power and peace, a sense of being connected to the universe and not alone, a part of everything that is happening in the world….all thoughts in the room, and the location of everyone in the room who produces those thoughts, are clear….the slave can feel no pain….No matter what is done to the slave in the slave state, every tough of a flogger or whip, or any device, is interpreted in a positive way. It is viewed as power, love, belonging, meaning, insight and many other varied things…”]

 “Enlightenment is of the whole body. The Adept is alive and functioning through a body…. In Enlightenment the body changes. Spiritual Realization is not just a matter of subjective life, the thinking mind, and interior stuff. When the mind is transcended the body itself becomes the essential sacrifice. The body is not separate from the mind. Therefore, when the body becomes surrendered to God, all of its nerves begin to open up….God is present whole bodily….” pp. 8-9

The Enlightened life of the Adept is free of any need to stimulate so-called spiritual effects in others. [see 3rd quote below] Nevertheless, an initiatory power flows naturally to all in the Adept’s sphere of Radiance so that often devotees equate the sighting of the Adept with an initiatory benediction. [see last quote below. also, this is my experience of various people.] pp. 9


SlaveMaster, BornSlaves.com

A spiritual practice involving the devices of SM, but which isn’t SM, has the same purpose as all spiritual practices – to discover the truth which will give us moment-to-moment certainty about every action we take. Embrace every decision with moral confidence and life unfolds easily and naturally.”

“When bound and restrained the stimulation and power we feel finally free us to react in any way that is honest. [= an innate desire] When we are challenged by physical stimulation and being held where we can’t hurt ourselves or anyone else, we can finally be completely animal in our reactions. [BDSM, Authentic Movement] And when combined with the intention of love and power, that honesty can lead to levels of self-discovery that are unmatched by any other means.

“I am not advocating this practice for everyone. No one has all the truth. The challenge for each of us is to open ourselves up to experiences that allow for the ongoing discovery of truth. It is a lifelong task. Ultimately, no one can ever do anything profound or significant based on what someone else has told him. Only our personal experience of truth gives us the confidence to act powerfully and effectively in obedience to that truth. The real work is to find our own unique spirituality, experience our own answers and live by an unshakable internal moral certainty that isn’t open to compromise or to external edict.” 

“Our spirit doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. It doesn’t even care what we think, and it will never ask us what we want to do with our lives. Our spirit has its own agenda–our destiny. It is not dissuaded by our discomfort, our resistance or our embarrassment. It cares only about integrating every compartmentalized aspect of our lives into a unified, fully-functional whole capable of fulfilling our destinies.”

“As in the old TV ads for E.F. Hutton, when a slave speaks, people should go silent, turn their heads to hear clearly, and listen. There is a reason a slave can look a man in the eye and convincingly tell that man what the truth is. That reason is, a slave knows the truth. One of the ways he knows the truth, is through the dramatic and challenging experiences he had during his slave training, including these encounters with the ego.”


4 thoughts on “glimpse. connections.

  1. I “get” you and your slave thing. You are a bossy lady. You like to have your world very organized and controlled, and strive to do this with varying degrees of success. Am I right or wrong? You remind me of Chen Hsing-yu. Do you think you are like her?

    • Hi Plurp, I’m attracted to surrender but it’d be the rare person who would be right to surrender to. At the moment, SlaveMaster of BornSlaves.com is the only person who has given me a glimpse of the sort of person it’d be right to surrender to. I googled Chen Hsing-yu and several came up so I can’t answer if I’m like her ‘cuz I don’t know which one you are referring to.

      • She’s a taiwanese dentist….daughter of Pres. chen in jail now….pretty famous in taiwan.

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