from FJ workshop yesterday: Show & Tell day- everyone post. Lots of growing this week. What did you notice? Repeats, questions you keep asking? What is there to own at this moment in time?

want to share my answer this morning:

hi all. slept 8 hours. back to sane. went a little crazy yesterday due to 2 days in a row of about 4 hrs. sleep each. feeling tender still but now able to better respond to this thread.//

dreamt about shifting furniture around so anja and my beds were still in the same room but more separate. //

have been as much in ACTION as i can be from the here & now.

* exploring many different childcare options in the pursuit of something for the summer and beyond to support homeschooling.

* sundays are now my day & i have clear info. from ari that he will support $x towards monthly childcare, beyond that is mine to earn

* spent the most i’ve ever spent on a haircut wed. felt like it was a “power” haircut & love the results.

* had a great meeting wed. w/owner of integrated studio in town and we have a green light. did great prep and follow up for that meeting.

* will be attending trial intensive of Sonoma County Authentic Movement Collective 5/22-24 and may join this collective if it feels right ongoingly. [have quiet sense that staying live in practicing/facilitating “Authentic Movement” is going to lead to evolving that vision/radical structure of what i will be offering.]

* MADE the superhero video. [and Ari is upgrading my iPhone in support of better video-ing].

* NOTICING connections. noticing people reaching out to me. noticing when i am reaching out to others. noticed self cutting scars down left arm of barrista yesterday, and new beautiful cursive tattoos over self-cutting scars on cashier at Whole Foods yesterday. noticing lots of people i haven’t seen for a while crossing my path. noticing the repeated question: What is the Vision? and when i’m with self-contraction and fear

* having many MUSINGS on living, aging, dying due to watching young ones and being in the process of researching assisted living homes to move ari’s mom to within the month. will blog that when i get a chance.

* felt like ari and i were a great team in the project of the assisted living research

* slowly letting more individuals know about my blog url

* feeling supported and loved (eg by ari, J, S, you all…) thank you.

* OWNing my Power and Gorgeousness


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