on free time & why no face in photos/videos. to clarify “cum, cry” is “cum” as in orgasm, & “cry” as in weep/sob/emotional release, not “come cry”.

dustin’ off the cobwebs. being free. idea came while en route to picking up anja today from preschool. laughed out loud in the car. good sign.

some voices inside: ‘this is stupid! noone cares. even your intimates are only mildly interested.’ & ‘what the fuck does this have to do w/earning a living as a radical artist?!’ & ‘great! so you can put on a 1 min. lame puppet show w/stuffed animals. that doesn’t mean you’ve got anything that’s a contribution to anyone’.

countervoice: ‘thanks for sharing &, you know what? i am doing this b/c it is ‘more devastating not to’ do it than to do it. i am feeling Totally alive doing it. & i can FEEL how just grooving this groove helps me find my voice, and helps me imagine further things. we find our voices by using them.’


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